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"Thank you for your interest. My name is Aaron Pfaff and
my promise to you is to look at your home with the same
thorough, and objective eye that I would, if it were my
family's home."
As a professional home inspector my primary roll is to
educate you about the complex systems and conditions of
your home, so you can make an informed decision.
I can help prevent buyer's anxiety from turning in to buyer's

, Aaron

  • State licensed # 1662-106
  • Member of IHINA Independent Home Inspectors of North America
  • Passed National Examination and Wisconsin rules and regulations exam.
  • Certified Member of NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) Member
  • Members required to fulfill continuing education credits
  • Members required to pass exam yearly
  • Abide by all Associations Standards, Rules, and Ethics
  • Member of WAHI (Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors)
  • My reports exceeds standards for ASHI, NACHI, NAHI, WAHI, and Wisconsin.
  • Independent from realtors.

  • Over fifteen years of experience in building, remodeling, and inspecting goes into every detailed
  • State Licensed and Insured General Contractor.
  • Specializing in historic homes with practical hands on experience.
  • Experienced in all aspects of construction. I have actually built or remodeled all phases of
  • Well versed in new construction codes and techniques. I take continuing education courses as
    well as personally research many standard building practices and maintain an interest in
    emerging technologies.
  • I belong to several professional organizations. All of which have requirements for continuing
    education, ethics, standards of performance, testing, and other programs to ensure the most
    professional standards are applied.
  • Dedicated to building trust in each client. By pledging to ethical standards and maintaining
    independence I have earned referrals from hundreds of satisfied clients.

    As a relatively humble person it is hard to list my skills and professional accomplishments. What I
    can say is that when it comes to building and remodeling, there aren’t many areas I don’t have
    hands on experience with. I have always had a voracious appetite for knowledge and have put it
    to good use over the years. Home inspection combines all of my skills into a very rewarding
    profession. I really appreciate all the testimonials to this dedication that I have received over the
    years. I take great pride in my work and hope to continue to help people make well informed
    decisions about their homes for many more years.

    When I am not inspecting, I spend time with family and friends on my small hobby farm outside of
    Hartford WI. I have two beautiful daughters who enjoy rural country living and our many animals.
    We have several horses, fainting goats, and other critters to provide companionship and
    entertainment for all. I am still working on restoring our 1850’s Brick farmhouse. I know all too well
    what it takes to build and maintain a home and property so that the next generations can also
    enjoy our rich Wisconsin history.