Price shopping?
    The cost of hiring a thorough and independent home inspector is minimal in
    comparison to what a poor inspection may cost. Imagine what could be missed.

    I have saved my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.
    The cost of inspection is often recouped in renegotiations.
    I have discovered problems as simple as defective water heaters, ($800-$1000) to
    saving many other clients $5,000-35,000 for major defects!!!

Saving $50 to go with a cheap inspector is
no real savings!

  • All Inspections get the same level of attention and detailed report !

  • Typical on-site inspection takes 3-4 hours !

  • 4 or more hours spent generating each detailed report.

  • Report includes Digital photos and Narrative style comments.

    Additional services: Radon testing using electronic monitor starts at $95.
    Requires minimum of 48 hours and return trip to retrieve monitor and results.
    To read more about Radon in Wisconsin

    Consulting and other services available at a reasonable hourly rate: Call for
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